PhD Forum

  1. Design and Analysis of Authentication Protocols for Dynamic Charging System of Electric Vehicles
    Raveendra Babu Ponnuru (National Institute of Technology, Andhrapradesh)

  2. Electricity Theft Detection Using Machine Learning
    Rajesh Nayak (National Institute of Technology, Surathkal)

  3. Network Flow based Cyber Attack Detection in Smart-Grid Networks
    Nisha Kumari Barsha (IIT Indore)

  4. pzLedger: Privacy Preservation for Energy Trading Transaction in Smart Grid
    Lokendra Vishwakarma (IIT Jodhpur)

  5. Success Factors in Secure Software Development of Cloud Applications in Germany
    Marc Aurel Schubert (University of Applied Sciences, Mainz)

  6. Intrusion Detection System powered by Incremental Learning
    Chetan Sharma (IIT Tirupati)

  7. Secured model training using synthetic data captured by Gaussian Mixture Models
    Aditi Palit (IIT Tirupati)