Accepted Papers

Regular Papers Track (Springer LNCS 14424)

Type of AcceptancePaper IDPaper StatusTitleAuthors
Full-Paper17✔︎©◼︎₹A Security Analysis of Password Managers on AndroidAbhyudaya Sharma and Sweta Mishra.
Full-Paper56✔︎©◼︎₹Secured Collaboration with Ciphertext Policy Attribute Based Signcryption in a Distributed Fog Environment for Medical Data SharingThushara G A and S. Mary Saira Bhanu.
Full-Paper86✔︎©◼︎₹STN-Net: A Robust GAN-Generated Face DetectorTanusree Ghosh and Ruchira Naskar.
Full-Paper85✔︎©◼︎$Ensuring Data Security in the Context of IoT Forensics Evidence Preservation with Blockchain and Self-Sovereign IdentitiesCristian Alves dos Santos, Leandro Loffi and Carla Merkle Westphall.
Full-Paper92✔︎©◼︎₹MDLDroid: Multimodal Deep Learning based Android Malware DetectionNarendra Singh and Somanath Tripathy.
Full-Paper90✔︎©◼︎$A Cycle-GAN Based Image Encoding Scheme for Privacy Enhanced Deep Neural NetworksDavid Rodriguez and Ram Krishnan.
Full-Paper68✔︎©◼︎₹Detection and Hardening Strategies to Secure an Enterprise NetworkPreetam Mukherjee, Sabu M Thampi, Rohith N, Bishwajit Kumar Poddar and Ipshita Sen.
Full-Paper64✔︎©◼︎₹Attack Graph Based Security Metrics For Dynamic NetworksAyan Gain and Mridul Sankar Barik.
Full-Paper20✔︎©◼︎₹Analysis of Optimal Number of Shards using ShardEval, A Simulator for Sharded BlockchainsVishisht Priyadarshi, Sourav Goel and Kalpesh Kapoor.
Full-Paper25✔︎©◼︎$The Design and Application of a Unified Ontology for Cyber SecurityKhandakar Ashrafi Akbar, Fariha Ishrat Rahman, Anoop Singhal, Latifur Khan and Bhavani Thuraisingham.
Full-Paper36✔︎©◼︎$Big Data Forensics on Apache KafkaThomas Mager.
Full-Paper91✔︎©◼︎₹SoK: Digital Signatures and Taproot Transactions in BitcoinAnubha Jain and Emmanuel S Pilli.
Full-Paper96✔︎©◼︎₹BCTPV-NIZK: Publicly-verifiable non-interactive zero-knowledge proof system from minimal blockchain assumptionsNimish Mishra and Sk Hafizul Islam.
Full-Paper103✔︎©◼︎₹A Survey on Security Threats and Mitigation Strategies for NoSQL Databases MongoDB as a Use CaseSurabhi Dwivedi, Balaji Rajendran, Praveen Ampatt and S D Sudarsan.
Full-Paper67✔︎©◼︎₹Proof-of-Variable-Authority: A blockchain consensus mechanism for securing IoT networksPavithra Rajan, Lenoah Chacko, Varun Anilkumar and Vinod Pathari.
Full-Paper24✔︎©◼₹︎An Efficient Two-Party ECDSA Scheme for CryptocurrenciesHabeeb Syed, Arinjita Paul, Meena Singh and Rajan Ma.
Full-Paper74✔︎©◼︎₹Secure Smart Grid Data Aggregation Based on Fog Computing and Blockchain TechnologyKamalakanta Sethi, Aniket Agrawal and Padmalochan Bera.
Full-Paper78✔︎©◼︎Secure KNN Computation On CloudTikaram Sanyashi, Nirmal Kumar Boran and Virendra Singh.
Short-Paper23✔︎©◼︎₹Attack on the Privacy-Preserving Carpooling Service TAROTMeghana Vargheese and Srinivas Vivek.
Short-Paper37✔︎©◼︎₹Democracy in Your Hands!: Practical Multi-Key Homomorphic E-VotingTanusree Parbat, Aniket Banerjee and Ayantika Chatterjee.
Short-Paper66✔︎©◼︎₹Theoretical Enumeration of Deployable Single-output Strong PUF Instances based on Uniformity and Uniqueness ConstraintsVenkata Sreekanth Balijabudda, Kamalesh Acharya, Rajat Subhra Chakraborty and Indrajit Chakrabarti.
Short-Paper81✔︎©◼︎₹An Energy-conscious surveillance scheme for intrusion detection in underwater sensor networks using Tunicate swarm optimizationKammula Sunil Kumar, Veena Anand and Deepak Singh.
Short-Paper33✔︎©◼︎₹A Multi-Stage Multi-Modal Classification Model for DeepFakes Combining Deep Learned and Computer Vision Oriented FeaturesArnab Kumar Das, Soumik Mukhopadhyay, Arijit Dalui, Ritaban Bhattacharya and Ruchira Naskar.
Short-Paper76✔︎©◼︎₹Crypto-Ransomware Detection: A Honey-file based approach using chi-square testAjith Arakkal, Shehzad Pazheri Sharafudheen and Vasudevan A R.
Short-Paper107✔︎©◼︎$Verifiable Timed Accountable Subgroup Multi-signaturesDuygu Ozden and OĞuz Yayla.
Short-Paper13✔︎©◼︎₹PSDP: Blockchain-Based Computationally Efficient Provably Secure Data PossessionJayaprakash Kar.
Short-Paper32✔︎©◼︎₹Escrow and Pairing Free CP-ABE Scheme with Forward and Backward Secrecy for Healthcare Internet of ThingsSourabh Bhaskar, Keyur Parmar and Devesh C. Jinwala.
Short-Paper80✔︎©◼︎₹Private and Verifiable Inter-bank Transactions and Settlements on BlockchainHarika Narumanchi, Maddali Lakshmipadmaja and Nitesh Emmadi.
✔︎ received ack. © received copyright. ◼︎ received camera-ready.
Presentation time for a full-paper is 30 mins (including Q&A)
Presentation time for a short-paper is 20 mins (including Q&A)

Industry/Demo Track

Type of PaperPaper IDPaper StatusTitleAuthors
Industry/Demo Papers114PETA-Privacy Enabled Testing for AI systems based on FHEImtiyazuddin Shaik, Phani Sai Uppu, Mahalakshmi Pathivada, Divyesh Saglani, Harika Narumanchi, Sitarama Brahmam Gunturi and Rajan M A
Industry/Demo Papers115Vajra: A Tool for Endpoint Management and Threat DetectionArjun Sable, Yogesh C Jadhav, Manjesh Kumar Hanawal and Atul Kabra
Industry/Demo Papers111*Defying the Invaders: Unveiling Threat Actors’ Arsenal and Free & Open-Source Solutions for DefenceArpit Raj, Vedant Narayan and Vivek Muskan
Industry/Demo Papers110*Dasthavej – A Web Based Document Management and Tracking System Powered by Stellar BlockchainHarshavardhan Netha Gurram, Abhinav Sriram and Shivaram Vennam
Industry/Demo Papers95*Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing on Metasploitable2Monish Kumar A, Neha Mailvakanan and Aditya Tarun S.
* Conditional Accept
✔︎ received ack. © received copyright. ◼︎ received camera-ready.
Presentation time for a full-paper is 20 mins (including Q&A). Once we prepare the Program of the Conference, we may accommodate your request to additional time. If you need more than 20 minutes, please write to mentioning your Paper ID

PhD Forum

120Designing an Efficient Authentication and Key Agree-ment Protocol for IOV by using 5G networksAbhishelly Sharm, Garima Singh and Rohit Ahuja.
117A technological compliance methodologies under Indian digital data protection frameworkRam Govind Singh.
119Improved Backward Bias computation for Salsa20 CipherSabyasachi Dey, Gregor Leander and Nitin Kumar Sharma.
126GAN and DM generated Synthetic Image Detection in the Age of MisinformationTanusree Ghosh.
127DeepFake Video Identification using General, Machine Learning and Deep Learning approachesArnab Kumar Das.
129Attack Traffic Classification using Deep LearningNabanita Roy, Monit Kapoor and Sangita Roy.
121A Blockchain driven Secure & Traceable Grain Supply chain systemPreeti Grover, Sawroop Kaur and Rohit Ahuja.
118BAKM-ITS: Blockchain for Vehicular Network Authentication and Key Management Concerning Intelligent Transportation SystemsPraneetha Surapaneni and Sriramulu Bojjagani.
112Evaluation of Blockchain Security for IoT Technology Services: SurveyNuras Naser Saeed Hizam and Madhukar Shelar.