Fees & Payment

Students from Indian academic institutes will be offered a limited (we are trying to make it a full grant covering travel and accommodation) travel grant. Preference will be given to the PhD Forum authors. Application form will be available in October 2024.

Registration has two stages:

  1. Payment (for paper registration / for participation)
  2. Filling out the appropriate registration form (as author / as participant)

General Information & Instructions:

  1. Each accepted paper (full and short) must be registered by making a payment as per the category indicated in the “FOR AUTHORS” table below
  2. Registration must be done before October 10, 2024
  3. Authors of the Industry/Demo Papers and PhD Forum Papers should register as per the category indicated in the “FOR ATTENDEES” table below
  4. For any query regarding the registration process, please write to the organizers

FOR AUTHORS: Fee Structure for Paper Registration (tentative

Type of Author’s AffiliationAmount
Indian (University / Govt. R&D)INR 10000
Indian (Industry / R&D)INR 15000
International USD 300
Paper Registration must be done before October 10, 2023

FOR ATTENDEES: Fee Structure for Participation (tentative)

Type of Participant’s AfficilationEarly-bird (November 20)Late (December 10)Onsite (December 16-20)
Indian (students)INR 4000INR 4000INR 4000
Indian (academia)INR 8000INR 10000INR 12000
Indian (industry)INR 12000INR 15000INR 20000
International (students)USD 150USD 150USD 150
International (non-students)USD 250USD 300USD 350

Bank Details for Payment Transfer


Post-registration forms (details required for processing the Payment Receipt)